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The Midwifery Team

Our Licensed Midwives have completed a 3 year academic program and over 2,000 clinic hours of preceptor training, attending clinic and births before getting licensed by the Medical Board of California.

Our midwives work together to ensure every client receives the wealth of knowledge each practitioner brings to the table. By meeting all three midwives throughout their care, our clients can build relationships with their entire birth team; our priorities are comfort and safety.

Maral Shabak,
Licensed Midwife

Meet me!

Allison Tartari,
Licensed Midwife

Meet me!

Client accounts of the life-long impact of midwifery care

What I found with Josie and Allison is what I can only describe as, a huge blessing.  When I started meeting with Josie and Allison I felt genuinely cared for and coming from a typical OB office with my three other pregnancies, this was completely new to me. I was heard…every ache, pain, discomfort, concern was addressed. At every appointment we spent time talking about my health, my family, my emotions. They welcomed my three kids at every visit and my kids would actually look forward to my prenatal visits. I was encouraged the entire time. I had constant communication with Josie and Allison, they would text me recipes to help with the discomforts of pregnancy and always followed up with me. When I was in labor I can confidently say that they knew what I needed when I wasn’t even sure what I needed.  They brought a calm and loving energy into the room while I brought my daughter into this world. I don’t feel I’d ever fully be able to explain the love and admiration I have for my labor team with my fourth baby but I’m beyond grateful that I was able to experience this level of care. My family will forever be grateful.”

Sheila Fonseca, Mama of four


Find out if we are the right fit!
Call and schedule a time to meet the midwives and tour our birth center.
We would love to answer questions and speak with you.



Find out if we are the right fit! Call and schedule a time to meet the midwives and tour our birth center. We would love to answer questions and speak with you.

It feels strange to call it a review, because they both are such warm, whole hearted individuals who I think of as friends now. I hired them to provide midwifery care during my pregnancy, labor, and birth and was so thrilled with the care that my family and I received. My prenatal visits took place at either my home or birth center, based on my choice and convenience. They were available with evidence based information about any concern I had during my pregnancy and joined me at home for my normal, low risk home birth.  Having already had five children, many of my prenatal visits focused on my spiritual and mental health in addition to mine and my baby’s physical health. Perhaps my favorite part of the care provided was the postpartum experience. We moved across the country three weeks after my son was born. In those three weeks, I was visited by my midwife four times. I felt loved and cared for and safe throughout my pregnancy and birth with Maral and Josie, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend them to any birthing families.”

Britni Means

She was so amazing in so many ways from prenatal to postpartum. I knew right away at my first visit at the birthing center she was one of the midwives I wanted at my birth. She was always so assuring, positive, always having solutions and always made me feel sure of myself. During labor was when she really showed off her magic, she was just so hopeful and made me feel so confident the whole way through my 25 hour labor. It was such a long labor but Maral never doubted me once. Without her I don’t know what I would’ve done. She just knows how to connect with her Mamas! I’m so thankful to have had that experience, now I view birth and pregnancy in a whole other way.”

Baylee Holland


Josie Patricio Petrich

LM, CPM, Mother of 4, Owner

Josie was born and raised in San Diego. She is excited to serve families on the very streets she has been walking on since she was a child. She has always been fascinated by women’s reproductive health and childbirth. While in college, with hopes of entering obstetrics, she became pregnant.

Through the birth of her first daughter she came to the realization that her own personal beliefs about childbirth did not align with the obstetrical model. She began to research other options for supporting birthing women. She found Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery and graduated from there in 2015. Giving birth is transformational, as a midwife she is able to honor this for the families she serves.

Josie is passionate about holistic health, creating community and conscious parenting. She has worked at Acorn Community Birth Center in Fallbrook, Best Start Birth Center and dabbled in her own humble homebirth midwifery practice. It is an honor to come full circle and serve families here in her hometown. Josie values each women’s individual journey. She absolutely loves women, birth, midwifery and motherhood. There is no greater honor than to be able to serve you and your family during this sacred time.


Maral Shabak

LM, CPM, Owner

Maral began her Midwifery career in 2014 when she was accepted into Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery. Leading up to finding her path, she earned B.A. degrees in Anthropology and Women’s Studies. Her experience at the University of California, Irvine taught her that we must use our specific skills to bring forth positive change.

Maral was born in Iran and moved to the U.S. at the age of 6. Going though such a large transition from one culture to another taught her that we must be open and flexible in order to move forward; we cannot hold tightly onto traditions simply because we haven’t been exposed to another way.

Maral’s goal is to bridge the gap between M.D.s and Midwives so that we may blend our cultures and select practices that are truly optimal. She firmly believes that if we can provide choice, confidence, and peace at the moment of birth for families, we can ensure a future full of those same qualities.


Allison Tartari

LM, CPM, Owner

Allison found her way to midwifery care through the pregnancy and birth of her fourth child. She knew she wanted to help support women during pregnancy, and avoid the unnecessary interventions she encountered with her other children. She became passionate about educating families on other, safer options for birth. She became a D.O.N.A trained doula and followed that path for 8 years, attending many births in and out of the hospital setting.

It became clear to her that most people are not aware that they have rights, that they can say “No” to a doctor or nurse. She had to share this knowledge and decided to become a midwife. She applied and was accepted to the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in 2014.

During her doula career and experience as a student midwife she learned that consistency in care provides better outcomes, which is a major component our system is lacking. Out of this passion for holistic, integrative healthcare Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Center was born.