Licensed Midwifery Care

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Tourmaline midwifery care is rooted in individualized care and is tailored to you.

Licensed midwives are licensed by the California state Medical Board. Midwives are primary care providers that specialize in women’s health. We provide well woman care, pregnancy, birth and postpartum services as well as newborn care up to 6 weeks.

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Midwifery Services

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Prenatal Services

Midwifery prenatal schedules are on the standard obstetric schedule beginning at every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks from 28-37 weeks and then weekly until the birth of your baby. Midwifery visits are an hour long.

During that hour we take the time to address your physical and emotional needs. Our prenatal visits include all of the diagnostic testing and assessment required to keep everyone safe.


Birth Services

We pride ourselves on practicing evidence based care and trusting physiological birth. As your journey into labor begins you will notify your midwives and together make a plan to come to the birth center; we communicate via phone until the time is right.

Once you arrive we provide you with a safe, tranquil space to birth your baby. You decide where and how to labor and birth surrounded by supporting, loving, connected, and conscious midwives.

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Postpartum and Well Baby Care

The postpartum period begins after the birth of your baby. You will stay with your midwives 4-6 hours postpartum at the birth center. With soft touch and a conscious approach we will perform your baby’s very first health exam: the newborn exam. All tourmaline midwives are trained in lactation support and we ensure that both mom and baby are well fed and stable. Midwifery care includes postpartum home visits at day 1, day 3-5. And office visits at day 14 and six weeks. Every visit includes a thorough assessment of mom and baby. Your midwife remains on call to you during this period. Tourmaline midwives remain your midwives for life.

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Well Woman Care

Tourmaline offers well-person care, paps, cultures, bloodwork, family planning services and annual checkups. We are skilled at confirming normal and assisting with herbal remedies for certain issues. If we detect an issue outside of our scope we rely on the knowledge and expertise of our wellness center providers.

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Payment Options

Payment Plans Up To 18 Months

Choosing a birth center is a decision only you can make, not your insurance company. Don’t settle on your birth team because of what your insurance covers. Tourmaline offers payment options up to 18 months so you can choose the exact right birth place and team for you and your family.


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Midwifery Packages

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Continuous and Conscious Care

Our Midwifery Package includes all of the above listed services. We are your team throughout prenatals, birth, and postpartum. The Tourmaline Midwives are on-call for you 24/7 and in addition to our regular appointment schedule will see you as many times as needed.

Individual Visits and Customized Plans

The Tourmaline Midwives are able to create custom packages as needed for your specific needs, from prenatal only care to annual well-person visits, and much more!


Schedule a Time to Meet a Midwife

Can our team meet your needs? Call and schedule a time to meet the midwives and tour our birth center.
We would love to answer questions and speak with you to confirm you are the right candidate for our care and that we can fulfil your needs and wants.

Schedule a Time to Meet a Midwife

Find out if we are the right fit! Call and schedule a time to meet the midwives and tour our birth center. We would love to answer questions and speak with you.