Why don’t you become a doctor?

When I made the choice to become a midwife, I remember having this conversation. “ If you are going to go through all that school, on-call hours, apprenticeship, and training why don’t you just become a doctor?”

“Because I want to be a midwife! I don’t want to be dictated by hospitals, protocols and procedures, and insurance companies governed by big business, I want to connect to people!” The connection and care midwives, especially Tourmaline Midwives get to have with their clients is special. Midwives have the opportunity to meet a family and watch them grow and transform, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Years later clients still call or text. Some of my favorite people are the families I have met through working as a Midwife. My best friends, and my greatest allies are women who I have walked with in labor. The relationship of family and midwife is a symbiotic one. As our bond grows stronger, we are able to support and trust one another during birth and postpartum. Doctors generally don’t get to build that kind of relationship. Midwifery care schedules are the same number of visits as standard OB’s schedule, and we offer all the same testing, lab work and cultures, but with informed consent. We get to tailor your care to you and provide you with resources as you decide what is the best decision for your family.

Tourmaline Midwives get to spend an hour at every visit, OB’s average about 10-15 minutes a visit, the time it takes to do mom’s vitals, and listen to a baby. Midwifery visits are an hour long, that leaves us 45 minutes to really learn about the families we serve. In this time we dive into nutrition, lifestyle, emotions, family dynamics. It is not uncommon for us to share tears or laughter, it is nourishing for the mama, the midwife and the family. I end my day thankful, feeling like I am living the dream. There is no greater honor than to witness a woman in her birthing hour. A place of vulnerability, strength and beauty. It is not just the birth of a baby, but the birth of a mother, and of a family.

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